When Downloading White Papers Has Lost the Thrill

Posted on Sep 10, 2015

Enough about you. Let’s talk about me some more.

We humans love to analyze ourselves.

Scholars say that for some of us, it’s about establishing an identity. For others, it’s the simple pleasure of validating what we already know about ourselves. And some of us are just looking to justify a behavior, decision or inaction.

Personality tests tap into this fundamental psychological need – and they can create a powerful Call to Action that can help drive engagement on your website.

For your next marketing campaign, consider jettisoning the old “download our ebook” for a Call to Action with a bit more zing.

What Type Are You?

These short, fun assessments quickly drawn in audiences when done with a bit of smarts and humor. Let’s say you’re a restaurant: develop a short questionnaire that assesses whether a prospect is a Gordon Ramsa
y, a Padma Lakshmi or a Ted Allen.

What Do You Know?

Tests are another simple way to tap into our need to self-analyze. A clothing boutique could test prospects’ knowledge of fashion design – w
ho designed the first little black dress or the wrap dress, for example – and assign a fun grade from “fashion novice” to “fashionista”. As an extra bit of fun, the boutique could also offer a limited time discount for a purchase that scales based on the prospect’s “grade”. 

How Do You Measure Up?

Last, but not least there’s benchmarking. “Tell me a bit about yourself and I’ll tell you how you compare to others.” Benchmarking can be particularly effective when fear of appearing ignorant is a concern for prospects. Benchmarking can also provide you a wealth of data on your prospects as they respond to the benchmarking questions.

If your nurture campaigns are falling a bit flat, consider offering prospects a bit of fun navel-gazing.

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Nope, I'd Rather Not Know

When Downloading White Papers Has Lost the Thrill

by Scott A Livingston time to read: 1 min