It’s 11am. What have you accomplished?

Posted on Aug 29, 2013

shutterstock_108353639If statistics are to be trusted, you’ve spent the past two hours searching for information. We spend nearly 25% of every work week conducting research. For managers, that’s more than $32,000 each year for each employee.

And, with an additional 5 exabytes of data being dumped on us literally every other day (see the infographic below), the magnitude of the problem continues to grow.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to help stem the tide.

Close the Content Gap

The essential first step is to create a comprehensive list of the content access points across your organization. Once you know what information sets your teams can access today, you can begin to analyze the content gaps that cause more time to be spent on research than is necessary.

Close the Awareness Gap

One of the most common problems in mid- to large organizations is information awareness. Do all your teams know what content sets are available to them, how those assets can aide in their jobs, and the best way to unlock them? Usage statistics can help you quickly identify parts of your business that may be spending unnecessary time looking for data that’s easily accessible to them.

Close the Needs Gap

Are you providing the right content access points for your teams? They may be spending time looking for information that simply doesn’t exist in the content sets to which they have access. A brief Net Promoter Score survey can help you quickly understand if you have the right mix of tools for your knowledge workers.


It’s 10:30am. Are you still looking?

Understanding the Growth of Information

Infographic created by mohitlakhmani, courtesy of Visually.


We’re here to help.

Plan. Think. Act.Please contact us at Center Square to discuss how we may be able to assist in conducting an information audit, improving organizational awareness, or determining appropriate content mixes for your teams.

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It’s 11am. What have you accomplished?

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