Increasing customer retention by 5% improves profitability 25%.


80% of your future profit comes from 20% of your current customers.


Deeply engaged customers spend 23% more and are more profitable.


“I need to improve our retention rates by 5%. Where do I start?”

“I’m not sure how to drive better recoup rates.”

“Which are my best customers?”



Your Business


Wishing for better customers doesn’t work. When you’re ready to own your customer experience, call on Center Square to develop retention programs that amplify your business.

One size does not fit all. Every business is different. Every relationship is different. There’s no one way to improve every retention program. There is, however, a simple three-step process that will identify the top areas and methods for achieving higher retention rates:

  • We help you listen: We can identify the traditional and social media tools that tell you what your client, vendor, or partner are thinking – and how it affects you.
  • We help you nurture: We can implement a variety of relationship management programs to reinforce your value to your audience.
  • We help you grow: We can conduct (or show you how to conduct) periodic tactical and strategic reviews to identify new opportunities among existing relationships.


At Center Square, we turn listening into action. We embrace the past to support the future.  We harness information and relationships for growth. 


We’re Here to Help

You’re wearing a lot of hats. We understand – we do too. Contact us to find out how we can help

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