2 Easy Ways to Drive Engagement on Instagram

Posted on Sep 1, 2015

Images drive more social engagement.

And with more than 75 million daily users, Instagram is the king of the hill when it comes to images and social media.

Here are two brand tips to get the most marketing impact from your Instagram account.

Branded Hashtags

Social media is – first and always – social. Your audience wants to feel like they have a connection to you. They don’t want to fell like the unhappy recipient of yet another marketing gimmick.

Rather than #YourCompanyName type of hashtags, create a hashtag that reflects your brand attributes. For example, last year Lacôme launched its DreamTone serum with a #bareselfie campaign, similar in feel to Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.

Besides driving higher engagement, branded hashtags are a clear way to express your brand’s unique values. What’s your brand hashtag?

Engaging Content

Yeah, yeah. Audiences respond best to content that’s interesting and engaging. No news there. But, much like branded hashtags, your Instagram pics create an opportunity for you to clearly express your brand’s unique values.

Let’s say you’re a butcher. Snap a few interesting pictures of a visit to a local producer (the local food movement is still hot, hot!) or to a trendy boîte that purchases your meat can generate a lot more buzz that a photo of chops lined up in a cooler.

Brands Matter

Brands do matter. And I’ll argue that they matter even more for small businesses than for large, because they help you get noticed and stand out from the crowd. If Instagram is part of your influencer marketing toolkit, make it work for you by leveraging your brand values to drive better engagement.


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2 Easy Ways to Drive Engagement on Instagram

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